January 27, 2009

Picking a man is like shopping for a dress!

I always say picking a man is like buying an item of clothing. You walk into a store that has rows and rows of clothes in every size, style, fabric and colour. Each one sporting it’s own price tag. Each one creating a unique interaction with your feelings. Then there’s the shop assistant, armed and at the ready to sell you anything and everything your fluttering eyes repose on. But with years of shopping and of hearing remarks from your friends and foes, and with those indelible memories of previous wardrobe accidents , your practiced instincts remind you of your specs and you keep to form, buying only what fits your build,matches your emotional disposition and accentuates your gifts(hmmm!). At that point you’re a buyer who knows what you want. You just go for it when you see it.You know what fits you.

It’s the same science really whether you’re shopping for a man or a cute number. No offense guys but that’s the way i see it. I just hope y’all will indulge me while i explore the thought. There’s always a dress in the shop that is meant for you. That one that you think to yourself after you’ve snagged it: “what a find!".It looks right, fits right and feeeeels right!

I actually related the same analogy to one of my platonic boyfriends . Boy, it sparked good conversation! We had been trading stories and the conversation steered itself to shirts, well in his case, dresses and other prospecting merchandise( now i’m about to get into trouble). The question was; if you know your shirt and he (sorry it) doesn’t notice you, would you go for it? You know what i said? I said why not? (OMG girl, that was said like a big spender!). Now I know what they say about finding and being found and i totally agree BUT i’m only saying if it gives a perfect fit, and it’s hanging idly and unclaimed in that store paying you none to minimal attention, then get into it’s space or at least ask the shop keeper about it! Hallelujah!

I know GF(girl friend) is going to kill me when she reads this but will someone let me tell it as it is?

if it’s yours it will come to you” ,

that’s true but ain’t nothing wrong with helping it along! Can i get a witness! You might want to get your charm on, smile some and shine teeth!(Nike, you’re totally shameless!).Erhm, somebody stop me before i get into more trouble!

A word of caution. Slow and subtle wins the race here cos you don’t want the shirt to know prematurely ( might ruin the negotiation!).The first commandment is don’t get caught trying.The second commandment is don’t take another sistas shirt.(Why would you do that? What’s wrong with you?).

I should warn you too that there’s the kind of shirt to pass up on. Those stiff- necked and stuffy shirts, all starched up and aloof, so emotionally wound up tight that the coyest smile would fall flat in thin air before it got through! Lord help the sista who falls for that kind of shirt. Armed so it can’t be disarmed! Lordavmarcy!!! There’s also the slacked shirt. It’s the “slacker” brand of T-shirts. If you have a taste for them you probably always find yourself stuck between the friend zone and the promised land of romantic bliss. It’s a yo-yo relationship but that’s for another day.

One more thing. An experienced shopper goes for the best buy at the right price. Neither overrated and pricey nor undervalued and cheap! I always feel a lift after a day of shopping when i’m taking home the bounty knowing it was the best buy and i got it at the best price. I feel proud it's money well spent. Mmmhh just talking about it puts me in the mode for shopping (don’t ask what i’ll be shopping for!). Lastly, while an experienced shopper has a knack for picking the shirt that makes her look like a million dollars in it, it is an expert shopper who makes the shirt think she never had an eye on it in the first place!(Chuckles).

Don’t ask me if i’m talking from experience, I already feel like i confessed to a hideous crime on this post! Ah, the things i do for writing a good piece! Hope you enjoyed it.So long!

What would you do to get the attention of a dress or shirt who doesn’t know you exist?

January 03, 2009


We made it. It’s the year 2009 baby! Another year newly opened and we have all been ushered through it. A fertile year to sow with the promise that we will be fruitful! A fresh alotment of time! Another 365 days! Somebody say this to yourself: “Whatever i missed in 2000 and great will be mine in 2000 and mine”. Amen to that. Let it be so indeed!

This year i’ve made some commitments to God. I had such a blast experiencing him last year i want more, so i’m taking a step closer. I pray that God would place such a desire for His presence in your life this year that you’d marvel at yourself... you know how you used to turn a suspicious eye on those people who always seem to be God this and God that.. .well get ready, you just got biten by that bug! (LOL!)

Happy new year... then the shofar blew!

As the curtains of 2008 were drawing to a close, i searched in the layers of my heart trying to guage the faintest feelings, premonitions, impressions e.t.c. My radar didn’t catch any feelings of consequence about the year so i abandoned feeling my way through. Then i looked out for some kind of prompting in my spirit, some sixth- sense, in- your- gut feeling of what the year would be but the problem was there was no time. No room to focus, no quietude to retreat to and it was almost 2009! By the last day of the year and of my quest i’d given up on “trying” and was only hoping to steal some time to at least process and file away the themed and random thoughts piling in my mind and lay out all my hopes before God for 2009. I took solace in that. I was prepared.

Cross over night was going to be in church by habit. It had always been so would continue to be. Even when i caught wind of parties that promised to be too hot to miss, i dismissed them without much thought. At 10pm, i dragged my sleepy body to church still half surprised that i had actually gone to work on new year’s eve. Once there, the music and the expectant atmospere took over and i gyrated along. Very meaningful prayers were made for different groups of people and when the cordinator raised a prayer for the youths i stood in agreement under it’s covering. The rest of the night was spent in activities but everyone anticipated the final minutes that would birth the new year. At the opportune time, the leader came up to explain the special way in which the year would be welcomed into this world. She refferred to the time in Isreal when the Medianites oppressed Isreal and God won them a great victory with only 300 men blowing on ram horn trumpets called shofars. She said we were going to usher God’s presence into the year to the sound of the shofars. I took the ritual in with excitement that i was experiencing something both unique and new. So we enshrouded the year with God’s presence and escorted the first breaths of the newly born year with the blast of the shofars. At the last blast we let out a loud shout for God has given us victory in 2009. What a powerfully symbolic countdown it was?

New year resolutions

Are they still common practice? What are the most silly ones you’ve ever made? I stopped making them a long time ago, but i keep goals as benchmarks i want to achieve every year, one of them is updating this blog more frequently....well folks do have a fruitful year!

January’s edition of “Hanging out with Harris” is coming soon. You don’t want to miss it! Stay logged on to this site!
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