October 21, 2013

LEARN: Selling on the internet for Dummies!

It's our biggest iblog yet!
This edition Omonaikee media company is partnering with Jumia.com, Nigeria's No. 1 online retailer in our October edition themed "Selling on the internet for dummies"!
Just after one year of selling online, jumia.com controls 70 percent of the online retail market in Nigeria and as a result have attracted about $70 million investment funding from blue chip companies like JP Morgan. All within one year!
Imagine what it feels like to have half a million customers - the big result of one small change from just having a shop in Wuse or NEXT or the boot of your car to having a shop on the internet with access to millions of people.
Jumia is here telling you how. And that's not all! Dealdey.com is also supporting with information about selling, stocking and presenting your brand, products and services attractively online.
 Can your small business offline potentially be big business online? 
Find out this Saturday, the 26th of October, 2013 @ 805 restaurant by 5:30pm( Doors close to late comers at 6pm-sorry!)
Gate fee: N1,500 kpere!
Call for enquiries, adverts and sponsorships 08060753163
Whether you sell services; bake cakes, make up faces or photograph them or sell products like Brazilian hair, clothes and jewellery- taking  your business online is one small change that can bring phenomenal results!
See you there!

October 14, 2013

Specially curated just for you!

Watch some of my best episodes of iBlog, specially curated just for you! Enjoy!
1. The March edition of iBlog was my all time favourite, where we talked about "Using social media for a cause"! Strongly leading the conversation was Meka Akerejola, the benefactor of the social media championed #SaveMeka fundraiser, crowd sourced last year to help him treat a chronic kidney disease. 
2. On this episode of iblog we discussed Online sharing: How much is too much? The social media users we talked to obviously don't see their investment in a blackberry phone as a status symbol or tool for business communication on the go but as a financial investment to make money from. While people put up pictures of vacations on Facebook others use the social networking site to market their products and services, build a customer base and make actual sales. They share great tips on online/social media marketing strategies from experience! Watch!
Keep it locked on this dial *wink*
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