November 14, 2015

There to be a blessing

It's Saturday! You probably know one or more people who are getting hitched today and might be prepping to be part of the ceremony. I truly believe that when you are part of anyone's wedding you should only go there to be a blessing without leaving as much as a sour taste in the mouths of those you are celebrating.

Here are some ways you can play that role really well:

1. Pay your own expenses

I have paid for bridesmaid dresses even when the bride insisted it was on her tab and declined aso ebi's rather than owe if it wasn't a commitment I was ready to take on because as a matter of principle, I believe I shouldn't take from a couple getting married. They are the ones spending and if I can't give to relieve the burden, I definitely shouldn't take and add to it.

2. Carry your load

Make sure your logistics and welfare at the event is not one more concern for the couple.

I was once part of a bridal party where one bridesmaid was heckling the bride about who would do her makeup and wasn't happy until the make up artist that worked on the bride's face attended to her. Meanwhile the rest of us had individually started to apply our make up ourselves to save time and give the bride one less thing to worry about.

3. Tell about the good

You aren't there to report all of the things that didn't go right. Sometimes honest feedback is honestly saying what you enjoyed about the day.

4. Leave scores at home

There is time for everything and right now is the time to spread good will and positivity.

5. Get your hands dirty

Be available to help the ceremony go smoothly where you see an opportunity. 

Finally don't be the idle observer, jump in and have some fun!
Make all that money spent worth it!

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