March 01, 2017

Feeling stuck trying to loose the baby weight?

Get started shedding weight with these gym free, gadget free, diet free & slimming tea free tips.

First of all, I never had a problem with weight so I took it for granted that my body would change after having a baby. I actually thought I had escaped the common body- altering side effects of carrying a child because I was lucky not to have swollen feet, discolored skinned or a broken voice while pregnant. I however experienced post partum shedding months after with two big patches around my edges on opposite sides. Lol. Generally, I was slimmer during (the picture above was taken around my due date) and just after I delivered compared to a few months later when I really gained weight (breastfeeding didn't help).

For a long time, getting back in shape was synonymous with going to the gym. That entailed finding one nearby that was affordable and baby friendly. Just thinking about how impossible my requirements were considering my circumstances was enough to give it up.

This post is for people that feel stuck here.

The truth is you already know how to loose weight. Think about it. Between those times you unintentionally lost weight and what is common knowledge about weight loss, you have enough tips to get you started. So whatever I or anyone tell you about shedding the baby weight, your response will likely be "I already knew that".

But I felt this post was worth sharing because sometimes you know what to do but are not ready to do it. You know you are in that category when you complain but don't do anything about it. I've been there and if that is where you are, take your time. Where your body and belly is now is temporary. It is not your destination. 

And if you know what to do but are trying to figure out how to make what you know workable for you, keep reading.

I started by making a list of everything I could think of about loosing weight. I titled it-"Loosing weight using what I know".
My list had things like cutting out biscuits (I used to eat as many as 6 packs a week! Don't look so shocked lol! Find what you are over- consuming and cut it). It had things like counting in fruits and salads (I was eating this but I was also eating everything on top of it, lol. Like my husband would come and find the snacks bought for the whole house had disappeared). I also had my very laudable but unrealistic goal of conquering Immabeast's choreography of BeyoncĂ©'s Formation as exercise.

Didn't happen. Instead I discovered free work out videos on YouTube and that became the turning point for me. It eliminated finding a gym and membership fees, getting hawt (read "pricey") gym clothes that would have made the bulges even more apparent come to think of it, buying gym gear like a mat, trainers, and head/wrist bands (you know you have to look the part naa) and finally I could be as sweaty in whatever I want to wear or not wear while exercising.

Tip: When looking for a work out video, know there are several trainers online to pick from so if a guy with muscles like a body builder isn't working for you, find a female trainer or dance aerobics instructor. I preferred a female that coached and explained as she went along. Also find a workout with a duration and intensity that is sustainable for you. You don't want to put in all the effort required to loose all the weight in one work out. A half hour work out, 3-5 times a week is more doable. You don't want to over do it then get so sore the thought of working out scares you.

I also discovered fitness watches thanks to Sisiyemmie. There was one lying around at home so I started using it to motivate myself to take long walks. Because it counts my steps, I always look forward to clocking that 10,000 step mark.  So I typically work out and get about 3000+ steps, take the stairs and add to that, then walk to the shops or through the park park behind my house with a walking trail to get my 10,000 steps in. It helps me keep active.

Tip: You don't need a fitness watch to do this. Walking for over an hour depending on your pace should give you similar results.

Then I cut down portion sizes. While pregnant hunger would hit me so suddenly, I would feel like if I didn't eat I wouldn't have energy. After I had the baby my portion sizes continued to rival and at times beat my husband's. I didn't realize it then but there were times I got so bloated and uncomfortable trying to finish the food on the plate as if, if it was on my plate, my assignment was to clear it. So I started listening to my body and stopped short of being full, retraining myself to leave food on the plate if I was getting full. I still eat whatever, just less.

Tip: Because I'd been at home, I didn't realize I was eating as much as 5/6 times a day. So trying to maintain three good meals a day is a good way to control eating. These days I follow the routing outlined for feeding baby- 3 meals a day, fruit and veg (salads) in between, a multivitamin and water. I am learning to love my health as I love hers lol.

Also, I started the lemon in warm/hot water with honey thing. I recently added ginger which gives that peppery taste as well as cucumber which just adds a great flavor. I use it as an alternative to slimming teas. At least with this one, you can see what you are taking in and still get the benefit of easy bowel movements and no bloating.

The rest of my list were things like actually using the girdles I bought to waist train, using an anti- stretch mark cream, not eating after 7pm and a reminder to keep staying away from fizzy drinks.

My results are not yet in but just getting my heart rate up and respecting my body, is such a boost already. The point really is that you don't need anything extraordinary to kick start your weight loss, you can do it with what you already know using what you have right now, where you are. For me I found doing it in my space, at my pace not just pocket friendly but more sustainable.

Hope this helps.

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