December 04, 2012

The Book I Thought I Would Write Four Years Ago!

This year I turned twenty eight and wrote a book, an eBook, a book nonetheless.

I wrote it because I was in church one Friday and the Pastor brought to life the topic of the message that day by asking people who had used their talents to change their condition to share how they had done so.

An author volunteered and said she had written a children’s book which was now in high demand. I remembered that I too wanted to write a book.

I had been reminded.

At the end of the talk, the charge was for each person to think deeply about what they could do with what they had to get further ahead. The following Monday would be a public holiday so it was going to be a long weekend.

I had the time.

Months before, I had penned my goal to write an eBook. I wanted visitors to my blog to have a freebie and something personal from me when they visited it.

I had my reason.

I thought of different things to write about but settled on one. I had worked with a company for two years, taken a bold step to leave and experienced some things because of my choices.

I had my story.

I spent a full day indoors and by the time I was done I had a complete book!

Today I exchanged an email with the Editor of Femme Lounge who is doing a review of the book. Reading that what I wrote inspired her with the message that hard work and determination pays, I went and read the book again to see for myself.

It took an effort to take myself out of memory lane so I could experience her point of view instead of reliving my memories. I tasked myself to find what the morale of the story is for me. It’s a reminder. A reminder that if I think I can then I should. Whether that is seating in a room an entire day to write and design an eBook or doing a great job at work or continuing to pursue a dream whose date of fruition I don't know.

Thinking those thoughts reminded me that my eBook was once a dream. Four years ago I said I would write my first book when I turned 28.

I had my dream come true.

Several events I could not have planned worked together to make it happen. Ambitiously scribbling in my journal four years ago, a random message I heard in church, an author’s testimonial, working in one company, reading eBooks and a million things I can’t call to mind even if I tried.

This profound realization lends evidence of the existence of another dream come true in some three years or months or days, who knows?

Today you visited this blog and read this post and probably went to see what the eBook was about…

You just got reminded!

Find the time. Find your reason. Make your dream come true.
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