May 23, 2012


So my On Air Personality friend invited me to be a guest on his show “Naijalysis” on 99.9 Kiss FM Abuja and the topic was sex education in Nigerian secondary schools. It was a good conversation wth Tobe Nneji hosting, Bunmi supporting and me being interviewed on my views about the subject.  

Did I think that sex education should be introduced into the curriculum in schools? I thought it was necessary for kids and young people to be taught about their bodies, to understand what was appropriate or inappropriate for someone to do to them and what they should do about it if it happened. 

I felt it was important for teenagers to understand how their lives would change should they contract a disease or be put in the family way. I said it is important to present options and show the consequences of them. If parents or care givers didn’t do it constructively, someone else would do it destructively.

When OAP, Tobe asked me how early kids should be introduced to this, I responded that as soon as a child can identify his/her sex or the child begins to wonder at the differences in his body and mommy’s for instance, he should be helped with age- appropriate information.

Two weeks after, I came across a video of a young 11 or so year old having sex with a 4yr old. Yes, I said 4 year old. She did things to him and showed him where to stick his tongue, hands and penis in her and that’s as far as I will go on that vivid video. 

I was disgusted in my spirit as I saw this 4year old learn habits he would not quickly forget and this 11year old do things someone else had probably done to her, things she would pass down to Lord-knows-how-many other small kids. And where would it end?

If we worry that telling a child about his sexuality would expose him too much, then see what perverts in the person of house girls, aunties e.t.c are lurking around, waiting to teach our kids, nieces, nephews and neighbors’ kids. Odikwa very worrisome sumtin! 

While I was in the Kiss fm studios, I ran into Big brother Amplified’s Vina, did y’all know the girl can sing?

In other news, dressed in cobalt blue with a matching blue and white clutch, I attended Abuja’s quarterly fashion fair and was impressed with all the creative fashentrepreneurs out there, and yes, fashentrepreneurs is a word in my dictionary and you saw it here first! Lol!

I purchased a pair of the cutest earrings from Selara, a vintage mini mirror from entrade and stroke a pose or two. This last one was with my fellow last born, Konrad!

Moving along, Metropole launched its preview edition at a venue fitting for the top dignitaries in attendance. The Shehu Yar’adua centre was bustling with life as the FCT minister, the special adviser to the president on media, past senate presidents, DGs, ambassadors and top people in government and the media came together to celebrate Abuja’s newest lifestyle and city guide magazine. Dresscode was a touch of black, see the photos I took with Emeka and Bella. 

That's all the catching up I can do right now, ciao! Read about my previous forays in radio here.

May 03, 2012

My own Reality TV

A chunk of my day goes to watching my small flat screen TV. Hoisted strategically on the wall of my tiny studio apartment, I can watch it from every angle even whilst in the throne room doing my business (great yeah? I know!).

With reality TV shows there are two types of people on earth. There are the ones who can’t bear to watch, hear or talk about reality TV and the others who live with the Kardashians and sleep with Ice and Coco and their dog- Spartacus. 

For the former, they think "Why would I watch another person living their lives when I have mine to live?" They think that every minute spent watching Kim Kardashian is a dollar spent paying the reality star. I get them.

The other group of people live from show to show: The Amandas, Big Rich Texas, Kimora and life in the fab lane, Keeping up with the Kadashians, Khloe and Lamar, Jerseylicious, Ice loves Coco … the shows are as endless as the channels on DSTV. It’s entertaining. You get to see a day in another person’s life and world.

While I don’t recommend watching TV all day, every day or spending too much time marinating in the influence of the vain and excessive lifestyle depicted on some of these shows, there truly is a lot to learn from the exposure.

Some of these shows offer the best business cases I have seen. From the Gatsby owned by Gayle of Jerseylicious, to Dash owned by Kourtney, Khloe and Kim of keeping up with the Kardashians, to Baby phat and KLS brands owned by Kimora Lee Simmons and The Amandas owned by Amanda of The Amandas, you get to see how these small and medium scale enterprises, mostly manned by a small team of five, achieve great feats.

It’s interesting to me that these small teams promote celebrities globally, create products used worldwide, gross in millions of dollars and achieve feats in weeks that African businesses on this side of the world would not achieve in their lifespan.

Watching the level of team work, project management and organization; the quality of brand positioning and corporate strategizing plus the right use of technology and social media for publicity, I am learning how these global brands work.

Information about big brands and names are not secret any more. The entertainment business is demystified as we see the level of work artistes and their management put in to blow up their stars.

It is an education in itself- One management class I don’t mind taking at all.

Has watching anything on TV helped you in your everyday life? Drop a note and tell me about it. 

Off to class!
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