September 09, 2012

Why I am thanking YOU!

I want to say thank you to all my friends (You, you and you) who follow this blog. Readers tell me about how they were tickled with laughter when they read about my Lagos experience or inspired when they read an interview I’d done. They meet me at weddings and ask if I will be writing about the occasion or at church and tell me they read my ebook and it was powerful. Some say I inspired them to start a blog or improve an existing one. To all who have said “I read your blog”, “Welldone”, “Keep it up”, I truly want to say "THANK YOU”.

But sometimes someone comes up to me and asks “What is the big picture”? “Why are you doing this”? I’ll tell you.

# The big picture.

Somewhere in the near future I dream of being a media powerhouse, taking my ability as a communicator and multiplying it over a plethora of platforms. I dream of owning and hosting my own show on television, interviewing inspiring people as I have always done and inspiring young people to aspire for a great life. I also dream of being a published, best selling author with books to my credit that make you go out and be the best you in the world. I want to explore all of my skills learned and employ all my talents gifted.

# Why I am doing what I do

I am practicing for those wonderful opportunities in the nearest future where I get to take my talents to the height of possibility and change my life and the lives of other people. 

# What I want you to take out of this

Remember LCM in primary school? It stands for Lowest Common Multiple. The principle of LCM (my philosophy) claims that what you will be in the future is what you are now multiplied by years of effort. So you should begin to exhibit the Lowest Common Multiple of your future now

# My LCM Moments

I was a faccilitator for a women's heart to heart session at church a few weeks ago. My job was to encourage conversation, hear what was meant by what each woman expressed and communicate those sensitive feelings shared in a moment of trust and vulnerability, accurately with a larger house. When the pictures from the event came in, I had an LCM moment going through them. 

Pastor Ken and I

Guest and I

Speaking at event
                                                  # What I want you to take out of this

                                         Opportunities abound. They may be 
                                          camouflaged as a colleague who gives 

                                          you his workload, or as an unlikely 

                                          community effort. Say yes.

A few weeks before, my friend invited me to host a children's talent show at her dance studio. I had another LCM moment watching the young kids do hip hop routines like pros. I thoroughly enjoyed making them feel like they were child stars performing on a much bigger stage than they could ever dream.

Me Anchoring

Totally awesome kids

Me with the Krump Dance Studio crew
                                                     # What I want you to take out of this

                                            There are no small gigs, the big is 
                                             in the small.

When I saw the glossy pages of my wellness piece published in Metropole, an Abuja lifestyle and city guide magazine, I had another LCM moment.

My article in Metropole

And when today my segment on the 99.9 Kiss FM's Sunday melodies aired at 11am in the Federal Capital, where I debuted as a new presenter on the Top 10 Gospel Countdown segment, I had another LCM moment.

                                   # What I want you to take out of this:

                                     Whether you wrote a book or wrote

                                      a page, what matters is you wrote.

On the way to my HCM (Highest Common Multiple) described above, my job is not to wonder when the dream will come true but to keep the dream alive trusting that all the small and big things I am doing right now, will add up to something colossally wonderful, far above and unbelievably beyond my highest expectations and wildest dreams. It is my hope that I will one day feel that I have lived up to the Omonaikee I know I can be.

So thank you for being a part of the beginning!
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