March 28, 2013

See who showed up this March at Social media's iBlog!

Hello Everyone! See pics and guests from the March edition of iBlog, where we talked about "Using social media for a cause"! Strongly leading the conversation was Meka Akerejola, the benefactor of the social media championed #SaveMeka fundraiser, crowd sourced last year to help him treat a chronic kidney disease.
We set out to find out if social media passed and here is what we found-
What worked?
1. The social media effect- The aggressive spread of information on social media, birthed a successful crowd funded campaign which helped raise the needed funds.
2. Small amounts from many people- The crowd sourced fundraiser was successful because it was driven by N1000 donations from many people as opposed to waiting for large sums from a few.
What did not?
1. Lack of Accountability and transparency- Fund raisers and solicitations in his name without the organisers remitting sums raised. I learnt that even if one's effort is fruitless, it is worth it to complete the effort (fruitless or not) by sharing feedback.
2. Exposure to people with bad motives- The over exposure opened him up to people who tried to take advantage of the situation.
What could have been done better?
1. Fact checking- Facts should have been verified from the source before news sources- top bloggers/twitterati spread the information online.
I learnt that once we pass out information we must assume the same responsibility expected of a credible, reputable and decent news source, careful to tell truthful and accurate details and being responsible with information, pictures and sources.
2. Respecting Privacy- The amount of personal or private family information/history he was comfortable revealing should have been verifed from the source and taken into consideration. He wished his then wife- to- be hadn't been dragged into the broadcasts, posts and tweets.  
What we should consider next time?
"Following without thinking is the opium of the crowd. The crowd brain works differently from personal convictions made as a result of one's own reasoning such that actions we would normally take alone would differ greatly with actions we would take in a crowd. The effect of Social media is that it pulls us in to think as a crowd. Let's learn to pause and think before we follow, copy and promote trending news and behaviours on social media. When we think, we are asking questions like; Is this true? Is this kind? Is this helpful? Let this be the compass."
                                                                     - Omonike Odi
1. Peddal softly on the hate mail- Silverbird entertainment group received hate broadcasts and tweets on social media for not picking up Meka's health tab.
Meka worked with the company during his ordeal and still works with them. Consider what could have happened had that move backfired! At the event, he expressed his gratitude most especially to his immediate Rhythym family who were supportive.
2. Our little helps- Meka was touched by people who actually made the trip to the bank just to pay in N500, he said getting those bank alerts made him realize how much people didn't want him to die. This helped him not to think of wanting to die.
It was an impactful evening. In all Meka showed deep gratitude to everyone who wished him well, donated or prayed.
 Thank you Meka for doing your part of the fight well - living. 
I love you.
Omonike Odi and Mekadonmosi Akerejola
Thanks also to Heinrich Boll Stiftung and Vistagarnier Ltd.  
Stay in touch for videos coming soon with exclusive updates but in the meantime, please enjoy the pictures courtesy of Cognito Studios Photography.
Praise God!

Gold fish, sugabelly

Armsfree, HBS

Meka akerejola

Ene, Omenesa

People like to hide behind religion and wont take drugs when they are sick. An orange contains vitamin C, but a tablet of vitamin C is just the vitamin in concentrated levels.- Meka


Farida, Ene, Sugabelly

CEO, Cognito Studios with lovely wife

Did i say lovely wife?

Faithfuls who stayed till the end for the group photo

Cognito Studios- you guys rock!




Ene Abah


Vistagarnier Ltd.

Monetizing your blog and affiliate marketing

Seriously listening to how to make money online... chei!

The Nigerian stigma of yahoo yahoo affects partnerships with affiliate partners.

Authentic Nicki

Don't you just love a girl that can smile....

Thank you Juice Place

Dorcas of Bellezza faces

Mercy Abang, Omonaikee, Japheth Omojuwa

Linda Auta


Taking a Doctor's opinion- Meka was walking around with a BP high enough to kill him. It's a miracle says Dr. Shehu.
Meka calls bloggers news sources like broadcasters in traditional media. Elnathan insists they be more responsible as news sources agreeing with Meka on this.

Ijeoma holding newsletter showing Ordinary Ahmed Isah, guest at the last event.

Tweeting live perhaps? Meet Adoptatweep's Blossom

Japheth, Ijeoma, Chibu
Please tell Coca cola, Chivita and any smothie bar who will care to listen, that I can advertise for them ooooo!

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April 28th!
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